This is how we Juju.

this is how we juju.
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Why YOU NEED to watch the World Cup at Jujus
Amongst the hustle and bustle of vintage stores and street food trucks lies Juju's Bar & Stage, a safe haven from the busy East London streets. Juju's plays host to a variety of nights from smooth jazz to popping Vogue competitions, a venue with no dress code and no guest lists.

This summer we have taken on a challenge of a life time, three girls determined to create the perfect bar to watch the 2018 World Cup.
First thing's first, it was time to finally learn the offside rule, something my father, brother and a series of ex-boyfriends have tried tirelessly to drill into me as I sip on gin and tonics, sitting in loud pubs nodding and smiling, wondering if my favourite fish and chip shop will still be open on the way home.
Five YouTube videos later, and we've got it. Now it was time to drill into what would make Juju's the ultimate World Cup spot, what would stand us out from run of the mill Shoreditch sports bars and local pubs who have been screening live sport before us? We narrowed it down to the following top 5 deal-breakers...

Now this is no TV on wheels which is going to be hired in and dragged through the venue each evening, no, I'm talking 3mx2m of pure enjoyment. A screen so big you will see every bead of sweat on Ronaldo's forehead, every tackle, every yellow card, not a blade of grass unseen.

2. The Beer... OH the beer!
We three women know our craft beers like Harry Cane knows the words to the National Anthem! (He has to, right?)
That's right. We are passionate about all things hoppy, smooth, earthy and flavoursome... Whatever your palette, we'll have something to wet your whistle.

3. Seating for Bottom Royalty
From chesterfields to armchairs, we have a variety of seating at Juju's to suit even the bounciest of derrieres, and we will personally make sure every cushion is plumped and ready for your posterior comfort.

4. Bars for Days
That's right: bars. Plural. Not only do we have a bar which stretches almost the length of the entire venue complete with 9 beer fonts, we also have an outdoor bar, offering the perfect space for your halftime retreat.

5. Pre and post-match entertainment
This bit was easy. Organising DJ's, live music, karaoke and silly surprises - well, it's kind of our thing...
Guaranteed to warm you up before the match and have you dancing into the evening after, we have a series of Juju tricks up our sleeves. Just you wait...

So, what are you waiting for? Go book your table now, at