This is how we Juju.

this is how we juju.
Juju's Top 5 Vintage Football Kits
Let's take a little journey together, a journey through time, space...and football kits.

Here are our favorite vintage football kits of all time

1. SPURS, 1977-1980 - MEGA collars

Now this kit is quite spectacular; a fabulous spin on a classic: a white kit with HUGE collars... I mean, they almost reach down to their nipples? Surely a huge distraction when running as they flap at the opposing team in the wind... perhaps this was a tactic to distract players?

If you can manage to look past the collars the crisp plane white shirts with a deep V neck are actually quite special in themselves, notice not a single brand or sponsor branded across the players? Today Spurs players are branded with a huge AIA logo...not so classy.

2. Crystal Palace 1979- 1982 - Beauty queen sashes

This was a very glamorous number sported by Crystal Palace, look at that beauty queen sash which spreads right across players right shoulder. Players wore this kit with pride as a beauty queen would strutting their stuff on a stage in front of a panel of judges.
Whatever the result of a match who wouldn't feel like a winner with a permanent sassy sash to wear on the kit? Genius really.

3. France 1986 - Who likes short shorts?

This slinky Adidas kit is stylish and subtle, the blue top with white collar, shoulder and back stripes compliment each other beautifully. But it's not the masterful T-shirt design I'm looking to draw your attention too, it is indeed the astonishing short shorts these gentlemen are sporting. I'm all for showing some thigh but this has to be a huge distraction for players and fans, but who cares, great pins boys ;)

4. Netherlands 1988 - Classy, stylish and effortlessly cool

Another one from Adidas here and what a spectacular kit is it! Fading out triangles in the nations traditional orange with classic Adidas shoulder stripes. Complemented with a traditional white short with orange stripes the whole kit blends together in an effortlessly stylish way. This kit was unfortunately replaced prematurely in my opinion and is now a much lusted over kit and incredibly rare to find on auction sites.

5. Arsenal (away) 1991 - The psychedelic banana

Now this is one to remember, this gnarly and garish shirt at first was loathed by Arsenal fans but is now a cult classic with fans who spend hundreds on this psychedelic banana T-shirt. Branded still with the large JVC logo but can you even notice amongst all this noise? We don't judge, here at Juju's anything goes, pink and red could never clash and pink and green should always be seen.