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Juju's celebrates diversity, culture and excellence in the arts and entertainment.

What's On
Juju's celebrates diversity, culture and excellence in the arts and entertainment. Keep a close eye on our events calendar for updates (spontaneity can be a hazard).
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Doors will be open to the public and a collection of pay what you can.


Culminating one brilliant year in residence at Jujuís, hosting drop in/regular/intensive training for diverse actors, exploring choral singing, ensemble performance and physical storytelling. Director Anna-Helena McLean will lead an immersive 30 minute journey into her acclaimed production STORM to give participating audiences a taste of her ACT practice and giving the actors an opportunity to showcase their stunning achievements.

Core performances by Andrea Foŗ, Hraban Luyat, Laila Mnii, Giampiero Sanna, Victoria Watson

Music by Anna-Helena McLean, Holly Robinson, Rowan Sawday

Supported by members of the ACT trainee ensemble





Vocal wonderment, soaring harmonies and old stories with new tunes.

Day and Night are a collective of musicians working with traditional and original folk songs from around the world. Every gig is unique as all the songs are learned, arranged and performed live in one day and one night.

Choir includes Dizraeli, Cherry Franklin, Alexios Ioannou, Rosanna Lowe, Rachel Rose Reid, Holly Robinson, Oscar Zito



Stuart Patterson (Love Vinyl / Mi-Soul Radio)
Montana Cruz (Definition / Sunday Roast East)
Thousand Fingers (Jam Factory)

We would like to cordially invite you to our annual Christmas gathering featuring heart warming world, disco and funk sounds. The classy blend of groove and beats coming out of the speakers are set to make you feel festive...

Stuart Patterson

Stuart has been at the forefront of London's cutting edge club scene for several decades. Through DJing, club programming and promoting, fanzines or mix compilations his profile has continually risen since the 90s and he now takes bookings from farthest flung spots in the World from those who also crave proper house music. With his tireless work and love for music, Stuart has done things the 'right way' and has been at the forefront of London's cutting edge club scene for decades, while continuing to travel and play at the finest clubs across the UK and the globe.

From his first ventures running revered club nights like Soulsonic, through to the legendary Faith parties and the more recent 'Date' events, Stuart has always led the way in bringing the world's finest DJs to London to play alongside the capitals best. Stuart Patterson is regarded as one of the key figures in the London house music scene. Sometimes passing under the radar, this is just how he likes it, staying true to the music and scene that he loves.

Montana Cruz

Montana Cruz is a Greek-Colombian musician and DJ whose musical spectrum and curriculum vitae consist of a wide range of performances, residencies and live shows throughout a 10 year music career.

Apart from making headlining appearances throughout the UK and a number of other European countries, he has also shared turntable duties with some of the biggest names of the global electronic music scene such as Tiefschwarz (Official) (Souvenir), Troy Pierce (M_nus), Anthea (Cocoon/Brouqade) System Of Survival (DC10), Miss Jools (Mobilee) and James Priestley (Secret Sundaze) to name but a few.
Crypto party is BACK at Juju's!

I have never been to a CryptoParty, what are you even talking about!? CryptoParties are free events where you can upskill, learn how to use digital privacy tools and discuss current topics on surveillance and digital rights. CryptoParties are free, friendly and open to everyone. Our guiding principle is be excellent to each other. All welcome, total beginners as much as experts.

I am a regular at CryptoPartyLDN, what should I expect at Decemberís event? Come to the December CryptoParty for the most festive CryptoParty of all time*. Bye 2017! This is the privacy party of the year, with a chance to celebrate our giant leaps, forget what went wrong, and train the real people of the future. Wearing Christmas jumpers is strongly recommended and deeply respected.
Doors: 7pm, Talk starts: 7.30pm

Norman Ohler joins us for an exclusive LDN Talks event to provide a funny, yet factual account of the drug use epidemic in the Third Reich. Based on his non-fiction bestseller, Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany.

The sensational account of the overwhelming role of drug-taking in the third reich; from Hitler and his entourage to ordinary troops and housewives.

Norman Ohler investigates the murky, chaotic world of drug use in the Third Reich. Ohler's book is the first to show how the entire Nazi regime was a perfomance society permeated with drugs: cocaine, heroin, morphine and methamphetamines, the last of these crucial to troops' resilience and partly explaining German victory in 1940.

Ohler is explicit that drugs cannot explain Third Reich ideology, but their promiscuous use impaired and confused decision making, with drastic effects on Hitler and his entourage, who, as the war turned against Germany, took refuge in ever more poorly understood cocktails of stimulants. This chemical euphoria changes how we should think about the Nazi high command and its ability to understand the situation it found itself in by 1944 to 5.
Funk, Soul & Disco DJ. Presenter on Jazz FM Saturday/Sunday afternoons & Folded Wing's Adventures in Sound. Singer with The Gene Dudley Group for Wah Wah 45s. Anne Frankenstein rounds off a spectacular year at Juju's DJ-ing the last night of our Christmas season.
Whether the proud parent of a Lil Wayne, a Missy Elliot or a whole crew of Beastie Boys and Wee Papa Girls Rappers, it may be a little while since you celebrated New Yearís Eve on the dance-floor. Kids make it a little tricky to see the new year in quite the fashion you would have of old.

FUN DMC, the daytime family block party are here to change that. Midday is the new midnight! We are counting down to 12pm in stead of am and will be celebrating with a kid friendly balloon drop, glitter cannons and a load of party poppers at our very first New Yearís Eve party.

FUN DMC founder and resident Spin Doctor will be spinning a genre melting fun packed mix for all ages alongside his good mate Russ Ryan so come ready to party!

DJ Semtex (BBC 1Xtra)
DJ Cable (BBC 1Xtra)
DJ Snips (Livin Proof)
Cwd (License To Trill)
Sarah Harrison (Lady In The Trap)


Juju's has teamed with artist and punk historian Toby Mott to bring you the UK's first annual fair for dealers in counter culture and independent producers to trade books, zines, catalogues, vinyls and tapes in both current and obsolete format.

By bringing together pioneering contemporary publishing with vintage counter culture and out-of-print material, Cultural Traffic paves an express connection between yesterday's cultural artefacts and the latent collectables of tomorrow.

Open and free for all to visit Cultural Traffic offers the public an opportunity to engage in the past, present, and future of counter culture at an affordable level. It is a market for the culturally inquisitive as well as showcasing a unique perspective on counter cultures pre-internet roots.

Toby Mott who says: "Cultural Traffic is a fascinating window into the flourishing post-digital zine scene."

Mott's expansive collection of punk ephemera, The Mott Collection, has been exhibited internationally and his most recent publications are: Oh So Pretty: Punk in Print 1976-80, Phaidon, Showboat: Punk/Sex/Bodies, Dashwood Books and Skinhead: An Archive, Ditto Press.


Juju's Presents: ACT
Actor- Chorus- Text Training

Juju's proudly presents the ACT training program, in collaboration with Moon Fool Theatre Company.

The ACT training workshops, developed and run by Moon Fool founder and Director Anna-Helena McLean, provide actors with drop in sessions, regular training, and the opportunity to engage in intensive workshops and residencies before participating in in-house productions at Juju's.

This approach to theatre effectively combines the native folkloric, esoteric, classical and contemporary in a comprehensive, accessible and mind-blowing way.

'Company' ethos is encouraged in participants, with trust, mutuality, and a sense of communality emerging through collective practice.

The method: ACT is a learned method of interweaving music, movement, poetry, and story in any given spatial location. The training exercises in musicality and physicality incorporate:
-  Gardzienice Company methodology
-  Acrobatic partner and counterbalance techniques
-  The art of gesture with hand, body and chorus
-  Polyphonic singing of indigenous folk and gypsy music from across the Globe, as well as original composition
-  Dynamic speech work with physically charged interpretation

The ACT ensemble is currently developing a performance for this year's East London Fringe Festival. More details to be announced soon.

" A world class theatre creator /  Director with an uncanny ability to synthesize her music and physical actor training into full out, lush production." -  Kristen Schmidt, Founding Director, Walkabout Theatre, Chicago

" Moon Fool has fused together a unique theatrical practice that is proven ground-breaking and world class" -  Dexter Bullard, Head of Graduate Acting, The Theatre School, DePaul University

" Ensemble work at its very best" -  Kevin Green, New City Stage

For application to the program please email admin@moonfool.com