Juju's Bar & Stage is a beautiful old cavernous warehouse space that has hosted everything from secret gigs and exhibitions to film shoots, immersive theatre productions, dance performances and, of course, some exceptionally riotous parties.

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If there's one thing we love at Juju's, it's mezcal... After several trips to Mexico, travelling through Mexico City, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Chiapas and finally all around Oaxaca, the birthplace of mezcal, Juju's Creative Director Juliet decided to make the leap and meet the demand of the communities we were already attracting at Juju's, by unveiling as East London's only and original mezcaleria.

Diving into the mezcal community in London, Juliet first met with Quiquiriqui brand ambassador Tom Blay, and together they embarked on a training program to get Juju's staff up to scratch on all things agave. The result is a select list of some of the most famous as well as lesser known mezcals, complimented with an exclusive mezcal cocktail menu.

Diving deeper still, Juliet set out to find London's most knowledgeable experts in mezcal to help her spread the love of this unique and coveted spirit. Mezcal aficionados Jon Anders and Thea Cumming completed the circle, and have teamed up with Juju's to offer exclusive mezcal workshops at the bar, where you can come and taste some Mexican culture, learn a bit about the mystical agave cactus, sample some special mezcals and round it all off by creating your very own mezcal cocktail.
for group bookings of up to 20 people.


Mezcal Masterclass Teachers

Thea Cumming

Thea started her career as one of the original team at Pitt Cue, London. Thea had always had a love of good spirits and so bourbon was a good first step on her journey into mezcal. Thea travelled the U.S with a friend and ended up in Kentucky where she spent time exploring the bourbon distilleries she had learnt about at Pitt Cue.

Thea then travelled to Central America and ended up in Oaxaca, Mexico. It was here that mezcal found her and she fell in love with the magical spirit. Having only ever had snippets of exposure to the spirit beforehand she was hooked and set about starting her own brand to help support the spirit and the people involved with it's production. Thea set up her own brand in Mexico and works directly with her producer Don Celso Martinez in Satiago Matatlan, Oaxaca.

Since starting the project Thea has successfully set up the businesses and developed a unique coffee mezcal called Dangerous Don (named after her Father). Thea imported her first batch into the UK in March 2016 and has recently imported batch two.

Thea is committed to the growth of the category and is one of the founders of London Mezcal Week. The event is dedicated to providing small producers with a platform to exhibit in the UK and also help raise awareness of the category as well as supporting the producers, growers and families involved.

Jon Anders Fjeldsrud

Jon Anders is crazy about Mexico. He visited for the first time in 2005 and has been back every year since. He worked for Tom Estes at Cafe Pacifico for five years, before taking the position of Manager at El Camion and the Pink Chihuahua under the direction of Ned and Sage Conran and the great late Dick Bradsell. He has consulted for Wahaca Group, helping them set up two bars, firstly Southbank Wahaca and then London's first mezcaleria in at the Charlotte Street Wahaca.

Jon Anders is now working as brand ambassador for Amathus Drinks Plc., where he represents Amathus Drinks portfolio of Aquavit and agave spirits including Tequila Calle 23, Tequila Centinela, Tequila Cabrito, Mezcal Del Maguey, Mezcal Alipus, Mezcal Los Danzantes, Mezcal Jaral De Berrio, Mezcal Pierde Almas and Mezcal Siete Misterio on the UK market. Always quick to supply a quirky mezcal infused anecdote, Jon's knowledge of the beautiful agave cactus is seemingly endless.