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Experimental Thought CO: CBD, Nature’s Gift

Experimental Thought Co presents CBD, Nature’s Gift – How this wonderful food supplement could help you.

Join us on Tuesday 18th June for a talk and Q&A with David Powell; a CBD expert and the FeelGood Essentials CBD oil producer.

David Powell will cover topics such as: what is CBD and why take it? What’s the different between extraction methods? The critical importance of trusted lab reports, Different CBD strengths and how they matters; How much to take, how best to take it and how often? The legality of CBD and current studies on CBD…

The talk will start at 7:15pm, so arrive promptly 45 minutes before.

There will be a 15 minute break for refreshments at 8:15pm, followed by a Q&A session at 8:30pm.

This talk is organised by FeelGood Essentials, a True Full Spectrum CBD brand established in 2017 and The FeelGood Café located  in Chingford, established in 2015.


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