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Sounds From Within

‘Sounds from Within’ portraits of the London Jazz Scene, is the new exhibition of Nadjib Le Fleurier’s work around music.

Nadjib is a well know figure on the London Music Scene, as he has been listening to, observing and taking portraits of internationally renowned as well as up and coming musicians for over a decade.

His unique style and take on music photography sets him apart from the rest of the photographers. This is down, in part, to his approach and the intent regarding the end result.

Nadjib uses his ears, if not more, at least as much as his eyes to capture the essence of what is at play on stage and around him among the audience.

He takes his time, waiting for the right light, colour palette, composition, the facial expressions, the body language specific to each musician, his/her connection with the piece he/she is playing, with his/her instrument, the other musicians, the audience, the emotions at play, making sure the photograph conveys a story involving everyone present before pressing the button.

For this new exploration, Nadjib focused on voices and wind instruments as the sounds produced share the specificity of starting their journey deep inside the lungs of the musicians. The sounds produced in this way, are so intimately linked to the vital act of breathing, which defines life itself, that they become an ephemeral window into the soul of a musician.

The exhibition runs until 28th April 2019.

For more info:

Facebook: nadjib Le Fleurier Visual artist

Email: sisterspublishing@yahoo.com

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