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Why We Love Mezcal

A brief history of Mezcal for those who don’t know:

Mezcal is the oldest distilled spirit, dating back 500 years and comes from the Agave cactus. Tequila is, in fact, a type of Mezcal, as are lesser-known spirits Baracanoro and Raicilla.
The delicious agave spirit is the heartbeat of Mexico, whether you drink it straight or mixed in a cocktail, just one sip will transport you to the beaches of Oaxaca, the spirit’s birthplace.

Juliet, Juju’s Creative Director, could not contain her passion for mezcal any longer and so she embarked on a journey to make Juju’s East London’s one and only Mezcaleria.

This journey started by consulting with Cask Liquor’s mezcal specialist, Tom Blay. Tom represents Quiquiriqui mezcal, an independent producer who partners directly with families who have been producing traditional mezcal in their communities for generations. Next, we sent our bar staff on a mezcal boot camp with the mission of creating the most mouth-watering cocktails and learning all the tricks of the trade from someone as experienced at Tom.

A few (too many) cocktail tastings later and Juju’s mezcal cocktail range was born! Whether it’s the Aperol infused Agave Sunshine, sipped on our sunny terrace, or a Dangerous Don Coffee Negroni to wake you up after a long week, we’ve got you covered.

As we so often do here at Juju’s, we took this mezcal obsession that one step further, searching across London for other individuals who had the magical spirit pulsing through their veins. Teaming up with the fabulous mezcal specialists, Thea Cumming and Jon Andres, we have created a Mezcal Masterclass exploring the wonder of the mystical agave cactus and of course sampling all it has to offer. We can take group bookings of up to 20 guests – and yes, we do cater for stag and hen do’s!

Book your Mezcal Master class here here

It is now with such great excitement we are proud to be hosting a range of events for London Mezcal week!
Starting from the 12th September we will be launching an exhibition of graphic prints and photography showcasing Oaxaca, the heartland of mezcal production. There will also be presentations about traditional and contemporary art in Oaxaca and the relationship this has to modern day and historical production. The event will be the opening of a six-week show curated by Anna Bruce featuring a wealth of exciting artists from Mexico for London Mezcal Week.

Starting from the 12th September and running until the 16th we have an exciting line up of events in collaboration with London Mezcal Week. We will also be offering exclusive Mezcal cocktails created by Mezcal obsessors and Juju partners all week. by the end of the week, you will be just as obsessed as we are! Get your tickets here

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