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Woodburner at Juju’s

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have teamed up with Woodburner to create a series of events at Juju’s for the autumn and winter.

Combining what Juju’s and Woodburner do best, the event series will see multiple artists performing in candlelight on Juju’s stage, amongst the plants, on the last Sunday of the month for autumn and winter 2018. The perfect way to say goodbye to one month and welcome in the next…

So, what is Woodburner?

Woodburner is a community of artists and audience who gather to watch and perform live music of all genres; it is a creative space to voice new material and old. Woodburner has seen so many talented artists perform; whatever your flavour, a Woodburner night will be sure to have something for you. Some of the artists who have performed include Faith Mussa, The Dylema Collective, Onipa, Laura Perrudin, Roscius, Harvey Causon, Whiskey Moon Face, Solomon’s Garden and MwS.

Woodburner has just finished what has been a busy and exciting summer at Dalston Curve Garden. For those that don’t know the venue, imagine opening up the wardrobe door to Narnia in the center of busy Dalston, an enchanted forest retreat, complete with fire pits and an abundance of fairy lights. Every Tuesday throughout the summer months Woodburner created a mini festival, each week curating different artists of all genres.

As the weeks passed and the crowd grew, a Woodburner community was born, made of audience and artists coming together to create magical musical experiences.

The perfect winter answer to Dalston Curve Garden is Juju’s. Hidden behind a whitewashed brick wall is our beautiful old cavernous warehouse space. Plants surround the venue while art from varying artists hangs on all walls. Lounge on a Chesterfield sofa, eat dinner on our rustic old wooden tables surrounded by candles or dance the night away on our large dance floor suitable placed in front of our stage. We’ve hosted everything from secret gigs and exhibitions to film shoots, immersive theatre productions, dance performances and, of course, some exceptionally riotous parties.

The summer success from Woodburner’s season at Dalston Curve Garden has put the brand’s name on the map in London, but, just like so many great ideas, Woodburner was created amongst a small group of friends with a whole lot of alcohol. Woodburners humble beginnings started in a closed down pub in Clapton, a boarded up spot with nothing but a small wood burner and a few kegs of beer. A few musicians thrown into the mix and Woodburner was born, the name being self-explanatory.

Now that the summer sun has faded and the leaves are starting to turn brown it’s time for Woodburner to find an Autumn home. A cozy spot with comfy sofas, a spacious stage, delicious food and a plethora of craft beers to wash it down with, anywhere come to mind?

Woodburner at Juju’s will be the perfect autumn warmer; a retreat from the approaching winter gales and a wind down from whatever week you’ve been having.

Expect enchanting, candlelit performances, delicious craft beers, Buddha bowls from the Chunky Buddha at Juju’s and a community of East London artists and music lovers all under one roof with the intention of having a bloody lovely time.

Join the Woodburner community on the 30th September, 28th October and the 25th November at Juju’s.

Tickets for the 30th September on sale now.

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